Choosing Workspace for Software Developement


A full fledged work space is one of the most important things a software developer needs to increase his or her productivity. An effective workspace usually has some distinct characteristics as well as some room for customization. It can be a single software which assembles different parts of small programs (such as Adobe Dreamweaver for web development), or a set of small softwares that work together and communicate with each other (such as using both a text editor and a web browser simultaneously to design a webpage).

Preference VS. Choice

Various softwares and computer applications have really made this a matter of choice for a computer professional. Now, we have 30+ text editors, 25+ different word processors and many different softwares for graphics designing. As a result, in today’s IT career, it is more important to choose a work space or a software at random and be proficient in that work space.

As a programmer, one might have preference for Linux over OS X or Windows. One might feel the user experience of Mac far better than the other two. But, the real and foremost target of a software developer is to automate a task, or improve an algorithm so that it takes out less computer power. Taking this goal of a software developer, we can say that Linux, OS X, or Windows all three have their own pros and cons. There is nothing one can do and the other can’t. However, there are some methodical differences among these giant operating systems. And that subtle differences make the preference harder for a computer professional.

What Should We Expect From a Good Workspace

But is it a million dollar question? Not necessarily. My experience teaches me that some newbie programmers tend to be very choosy in selecting one between two, because they feel like there must be an operating system, or a software which will have no restrictions. But, at the end of the day, it becomes a matter of choice. Because everybody has their own personal tastes and preferences. Some of the important capabilities a good software should have are given below:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Support for Different programming languages
  • Showing line numbers
  • Search and replace capability

Present softwares hardly lack any of these capabilities. So, stopping this war of workspaces, let’s build our potential on one software or workspace and develop greater computer applications.