Entrepreneurship as a Software Developer

Entrepreneurship as a Software Developer

The way we work now is so much different than people worked and made money in the past. This growth of people’s lifestyle is mostly impacted by the virtual identity. We have found some ways or strategies we can use to make our work easier and simpler. And this has become possible by computer technology. Computer has made our calculations easier and given us productivity. In this present world, a software developer’s demand is higher than any other professionals. Almost every industry needs some kinds of software to make their work faster and more productive. Medical, fashion, architecture, health, textile – and many other industries need software to accelerate their works. You can also click here to know more about analysis in software market. In the same manner, a software developer’s earning potentials have also grown according to the needs.

In this post you’ll know about:

1. the first and foremost goal of any business
2. how to use programming skills in outsourcing and make money
3. how software developers can grow their entrepreneurial skill and earn more than a traditional 9 to 5 job


Entrepreneurship as a Software Developer

Software developers can use their skills to make their customers happy working in a company, but that is another story. I am not going over this process in this post. I don’t think, however, that traditional jobs are worth for a software developer for some reason. What I want to share in this post is that they can also provide their best without working for others, rather they can serve the customers even more relying on their entrepreneur skills.

The proven methods software developers can use as an entrepreneur are given below. The basis for any entrepreneurship is that – you have to admit failure and ready for it. For which, I always recommend that – be optimistic, but get ready for the worst. Because every startup faces some failure and we need to learn from our mistakes. This is an obvious pattern for any business. As an entrepreneur, you got to be ready for failure. The fun part is that, as you go through the steps, you’ll find that they are interrelated with each other and one step can help other ones systematically.

  1. Creating a personal website
  2. The first thing you can do as a software developer is to make a website that you can use to promote your work and skills . As the ultimate goal of any business is to satisfy their customers, a personal website is the best tool to communicate with your customer in present virtual world. You can share your knowledge and let your customers know what your expertise is. After making a website and sharing your knowledge you’ll definitely get a small group of customers who will follow you. You will learn a lot from them what they need and you will be able to offer them exactly what they want.

  3. Writing blog posts
  4. You can write blog posts and share your ideas with your readers. This is a proven technique to teach your reader what you know and learn what your readers want from you. Though about 80% of Americans’ favorite leisure is watching movies, reading is still a enjoying part for them who knows the fun of reading. So, never hold back anything, share whatever you know to the world. You’ll definitely get the feedback from your customers. Tell new programmer what obstacles you faced when you were just started coding, what marketing strategies you follow, what things you wish to know about programming when you were a student, what skills is yet to develop by great programmers and so on. The more value you’ll give your customer, the more value you’ll get.

  5. Making your own products
  6. Build computer and iPhone applications and publish them in your website. You can make small calendar apps to big software and sell them. Remember, when a product is launched in your website, the whole world can see your product. So the whole world is your market place. You should promote your product in several platforms and use some marketing strategies to grab your customers’ interest on it.

  7. Writing books
  8. Where you will communicate to your customers through blog posts, you will record your knowledge and skill in a book. A book is not anything different than blog posts except it has several chapters and every chapter encompasses a single idea. So, you need to find where the customers’ satisfaction is most affected. If you cannot address them using your blog posts, then it’s time to write a book. There are still so much confusion in known ideas. You can make a huge amount of money selling books and prove yourself as expert in that topic.

  9. Making instructive videos
  10. As you are instructing your customers by your blog posts and books, you can farther your opportunity by making tutorial videos. YouTube is the most credible source of many tutorial videos. So, make professional videos and upload them to YouTube so that your customer can see and learn from you. This can also help generate some add revenue.

  11. Freelancing works
  12. Freelancing is a great medium to show expertise and build customers. Software developers work for their customers in freelancing, but it differs from a traditional job in a way that they don’t need to wake up early for work; they can do their job virtually. To my opinion, this is not a replacement for a traditional job, but it is a great way to build customers who can play as an asset in developing a personal business or brand. Below mentioned work categories are few of the best:

    • Theme development
    • Web Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Working with database
    • iOS app development
    • MySQL Administration

    To see complete list of 20 most in-demand skill as a freelancer, click here.

  13. Affiliate marketing
  14. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. This can be very profitable if you have a big network of customers. You can earn more than sixty hundred thousand dollar from only promoting products and convincing people to buy it from your website. You do not need to make any product, you only need to recommend it to your loyal customers.

  15. Responding to your customer
  16. This is the most important step to build credibility to your customers. It is also more important than any other steps listed above. Because, as you will grow your audience you will face your customers’ inquiries. You need to be able to answer your customer with right and credible information. Sometimes, you may need to research about it. It also helps you to learn new things and expand your business according to your customers’ needs.

So you can see a software developer or a programmer has tremendous opportunities to use his knowledge to fulfill customers’ need and make a great income. Please share your comments below and tell me what is your thought about this.