How I Manage My Time Between My Entrepreneurial and Student Life

How I Manage My Time Between My Entrepreneurial and Student Life

Thinking of being an entrepreneur in my student life has been a great advantage to me. It always reminds me the vast opportunities of improving myself. It allows me to plan about my business in a not-stressful environment, where all I need is progress regardless in my academic life or personal work.

Making a successful business has always been my dream of life. Up until this point of my life, I’ve observed various business models, several pros and cons of businesses, and have made some kind of opinion of different business models. The only thing inspires me to become an entrepreneur is the idea that – you don’t have to work for others, but for yourself. Such kind of mentality has always encouraged me to try different things and verify which idea is better than the rest. Now, being a college student I feel the necessity of creating something unique and being responsible for my work is more valuable and rewarding than everything else.

At the time I am writing this post, I am an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. I like to do work as best as I can and try to savor all of the materials covered in a particular topic. If I try to observe on my past, I realize this is how I work and deal with stuff.

As I figure out my long-term life goals, I realize I work this way not for selling my work to a company, but for creating product using my knowledge and experience to help people. I realize working for a company for monthly pay-check is just not worth this effort. Because as my knowledge teaches me – dealing with people is more rewarding than dealing with a given job.

Becoming an entrepreneur allows me to be a life-long learner, thus observing and knowing the world from a learner’s perspective and enjoying my life full to the brim.

The reason education is important for my Entrepreneurial journey

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you ought to improve your skill. This can vary from improving your programming skill, to your conversation skill, to your charismatic skill. The more you practice on these skills, and make them sharp, the more you are able to influence people, thus improving your business. Since, my online business is software development and teaching people how to code, at the least, I have to own the trust that they can rely on. If I’m unable to do so, I’m not ready to become an entrepreneur.

In the same manner, keeping yourself up-to-date is one of the key things that allows you to deliver content for your customer. So, the more you learn the more you have tools in your tool belt to help your customer. This way, I can gain workable programming knowledge from my school in a competitive yet very effective environment.

Moreover, since my business is directly related to programming and software development, I will cover the important topics in computing by finishing under grad study.

For such a reason, it’s true that my school work is no less important than my child (my business). So, what is the solution of this?

Better Time Management

So, how do I divide my day between the two? I must say, you have to be passionate of both to progress in both of these two direction.

Time Management

It’s true time is the most precious wealth you’ll ever have, both for your personal and professional life. So, you got to experiment which time schedule works best for you.

  • It is crucial to spend a major portion of your day for your work. I work approximately 8 hours a day. I’m not strictly attached to this timetable; however, it varies between 1/1.5 hours and it is excluding my classes on weekdays.
  • I try to put my works that consume more brain power (eg. writing, studying new concept etc.) in the first half of the day in my schedule. I reserve 2 hours of my day for only programming, it is not highly strict with a specific time.
  • I like to experiment with time, and one of the strategy I’ve discovered is you have to build up a habit of finishing things up. That means, if you start something, no matter what, you got to finish it.
  • Using some kind of schedule maker software or app (eg. calendar apps) really help me to look at the day from a bird eye’s point of view.
  • For longer tasks that I need to work on several days, I like to divide that into smaller subtasks so that I can concentrate at the details. Believe me it may sound cliche, but this is one of the major keys of my productivity.
  • Another strategy I’ve discovered through my experiments, is that you got to remember what you’ve learned in the past. There is no point of learning one thing, and forgetting that later. Everything is correlated (if not directly) to another, you need to find the correlation.

Scheduling your work really helps to build up productivity. Also, passion and energy goes along together. The more you are passionate about your work, the more energetic you’ll feel to finish it. However, it requires discipline and persistence. It is more important to prioritize your work. If you don’t have time for something, that means, you don’t have priority for it.