Process of Developing and Promoting a Software

Process of development and marketing of a software

Programming is indeed a tiresome work. The basic thing is to read the older code and make some improvement according to the users’ needs and expectations. Basically, all programmers tend to give a software or an application as much human friendly behavior as they can. But only programmers know how much effort it requires to make a software successful. Also, good programmers also know the fun of writing a good code, because they know how to classify the whole process into smaller parts and deal with every single of them. In this post, I will write about these smaller parts corresponding to a whole software development.

Paraphrasing the whole plan

I want to share with you all what I usually do before writing a program. I run similar program already available online or famous enough to know how the program works, and as a whole, how I will program my software to run. As a programmer, the most important task is to make user model that will be very familiar with the users. By using a virtual software more and more, users have developed some expectations that how a certain program can work. And we ought to fulfill their desire. I am coming to my point, plan and organize your plan and paraphrase that in a piece of paper. You can analyze some other similar program to develop your own idea. You can list the following:

  1. Plan how the menu bar will be aligned (if you have any). Also, how the dropdowns will appear under particular menu.
  2. Will your program cover the whole space of the window after executing or the user will have accessibility to reshape the window?
  3. How will the program do the given command? It may be a completely different process or something that is already used in alike software.
  4. Will the program show details of the process, or it will only show the result after executing the process?

Using clever programming languages

By this ‘clever’, I do not mean the language has to be intelligent. I mean the way you write has to be simple and creative. C, C++, C#, Java, Python are among the root programming languages almost every software built with. But what differs is that a good programmer writes the same language with strategy and many comments, where a regular programmer writes his codes without using any comments. Using comments is one of the most important things, because it helps one to keep track what is going on in that program and also helps other programmers to understand what the previous programmer meant by those codes. This makes the development process much easier. So always remember – “Complicated is stupid, simple is clever.”

Testing software in different platforms

After writing the software, you need to test this if there is still any error. For this, you have test the software in different platforms. As Windows, Linux, iOS are different operating systems in the present market, promoting your software needs the accessibility to work in all of these platforms. For this, you can call a seminar and call twenty volunteers and say them to run the software and play around with this. Observe how they tend to tackle with the program, how they expected the program would be or if they find something annoying about this. Remember, making a software is only the start to the way. The next stoppage is spending a lot of effort for developing software. Most often programmers find themselves a number of errors in their programs. This is not bad, it’s only good start for the best.

Promoting your software

After making a good software, the later step is to promote this. For this, you may share your program in Google Store or Stackoverflow. Another convincing idea to promote your software is to write some blogs (also you can make a whole website) describing how the software can make works easy for users and how you wrote your program to solve critical issues. You can also compare with other software if they lack one or more important features that your software offers.


A basic mistake programmers do is that they do not want to read how a software was made. And this makes the difference in the development process. They tend to write the whole program from the beginning, because writing a program can be fun, where reading what was written or how the previous programmers wanted to write is more tiring. But, the previous version was somewhere successful with its errors for some time being, and making the same software from the beginning is the possibility of making another mistake.