Software Development and My College Life: Part 01

Softwre Development and My College Life: Part 01

In this article, I am going to share my college experience as an Entrepreneur. In today’s world, where a person’s abilities are measured by the grades he accomplishes in college, I am going to rule out some of the misconceptions. In colleges, students are encouraged to follow pre-made patterns rather than reaching a solution of their own. This, in most cases, diminish an individual’s entrepreneurial endeavor.

I like to define myself as a life-long learner. This is because, I’ve observed the difference between the perspectives of two generations. This is not more important than ever before to learn from each day we live. This is an essential part of life if you want to thrive.

Thus, the same idea has helped me to realize myself and my goal. At the time, I am writing this article, I am a student pursuing BS in Computer Science. Since, I vision myself at a better situation than where I am now, I’ve felt the necessity of researching the GOD FATHERs in this field, and so I’ve done. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg are few of the greatest I’ve researched so far. Some of them discovered their billion dollar idea in their freshman year at college. Of course, none of them became rich without effort; they had to overcome obstacles and improve themselves continuously.

My parents had the vision of the American dream and so they had the luxury to send me in the USA for higher education. After a couple of months I started class in my freshman year, the precious idea popped in my mind while I was surfing the web aimlessly. Suddenly, I popped open a blog post about entrepreneurship. I felt much fascinated for only two reasons; first, being an entrepreneur means I don’t need to give any explanation of my work to others and secondly, I can become an icon or a public figure in that individual field. At that point, I felt like I found my billion dollar business idea in my freshman year.

My Vision

At that point, I decided that I no longer want to be an employee of a 9 to 5 job, who craves for a raise at his job, and sucks every moment he spends in the job. I never wanted to earn my boss a million dollar and get paid five hundred bucks as a form of sympathy.

But, how goofy I was! Little did I know what obstacles are coming in my way to my dream life!
It was the first time for me giving priority to something else over my college study. I did it because, I hardly could find in my academic life anything effective for my entrepreneurial journey. As I realized the role of an entrepreneur, beside having passion for what I do, I figured out I must have the following qualities:

  1. The ability to influence people
  2. Public Speaking capability
  3. Influential writing capability
  4. Time management
  5. Teamwork
  6. Being a giver, and not a taker

However, as I discovered my college works, I could not find any benefit I could use to my entrepreneurial journey. Rather, my experience in college taught me something described below:

College Experience

From elementary schools to hight schools to universities are basically made for making employers, and not entrepreneurs. The people we follow in colleges are mostly trained to follow some form of patterns and the students are generally good at following patterns, and not making their own ones.

There is a subtle competition (which is healthy) among the fellow students, and they hardly share unconditional giving mentality. Since public service is the first thing an entrepreneur has to deliver, at first, he should develop to give values to his audience without expecting a single penny. This is one of the harsh but true knowledge I’ve gained through my experience. Since this thing is hardly realized by college folks, they usually develop an attitude of expecting a raise at job without providing extra benefit.

I asked some of the classmates of computer science classes about their life goals, and found most of them are so excited about working at Microsoft, Google or Apple. However, they hardly dare to take the risk to start up something of their own, and feel comfortable to work for others, and not their own. Also, hardly any one of them has a blog or some sorts of online presence to showcase his/her works as a portfolio.

Moreover, teachers feel little to no importance of encouraging students of developing an online presence. In the midst of all these, I encountered myself as an alien experiencing a mystery in an unknown planet. However, I’d made an decision and I chose to stick with it. So, besides working my first semester courses I was busy with one more thing and that is coping with the environment by taking only positive stuffs effective for me and my entrepreneurial career, and throwing out the rest.

My Approach

I was consistently feeling a change in my behavior. This is because I felt the necessity to master some new habits and omit some negative traits of mine. For a while, I was trying and failing every once in a while to make a balance between college work and entrepreneurial tasks. I was having hard time, because I could not gain any monetary profit and I had to risk my education. At that point, my worldly brain would take a decision, but my entrepreneurial mind would think something else. Eventually, I came across the solution to my ambivalence.

After some months of failed efforts, finally I was able to find way that is effective to my entrepreneurial endeavor and also helpful to finish my daily work. The whole world appeared to be a different place before my eyes, and I could find the familiar nature that I could resonate myself with. But, that salvation did not come overnight, and I have to dig little more deeper to describe it.

I will write about the solution I found in — “Software Development and My College Life – Part 02”. Till then I insist you to contemplate your situation. If you find yourself an outcast in your familiar environment, and find nobody to resonate yourself with, it’s high time for you to change something. And the nature is insisting you to change yourself since it wants to see you in a better place. This is because bigger achievements are not for everyone, this is only for the chosen handful number of people. I realized this truth and since then had never looked back.